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Worship and Music

We express our adoration for God by learning His word, as well as through songs, music, dramatic presentations during Sunday, Wednesday, and other worship services.

Christian Education

We equip ourselves with Bible knowledge that leads to deeper relationship with God through Bible classes on Sundays and other schedules.

Mission and Evangelism

We go out to share the gospel to the unchurched, introducing Jesus Christ as the only Savior, the only one through whom a persona can receive eternal salvation.

Growth Groups

We gather in small groups during the week for worship, fellowship, prayer, Bible study, and as a way to reach out to communities.

Children and Youth

We give importance to the development of the youth in the areas of spiritual life, character, leadership, spiritual gifts and talents, such in music, drama, and sports– all in the service of God.

Pastoral Care & Counseling

We provide spiritual guidance, mentoring, counseling, spiritual and emotional support to those in crisis, grieving, and those who simply need to develop their character.

Men and Women Ministries

We meet together as men and women groups for mutual edification, fellowship, life equipping, and for practical and spiritual projects.