June 15, 2014
Father’s Day Message
Teach Your Children Well
Deuteronomy 6:6-9
He is strong, not only physically but emotionally as well. He fixes things in the house. He protects his family from any harm, willing to lay down his life for them. He breaks his back working to ensure sustenance. He models personal and spiritual discipline for his children … and more.


Into the Word
The Book of Deuteronomy (Gk. Deuteronomium – “Second Law”) consists of three sermons or speeches delivered by Moses to the Israelites shortly before entering the Promised Land at Canaan. The first is a summary of the experiences while wandering in the wilderness for forty years, second is a challenge to remain faithful to God, and third is the hope that even if they fail, with repentance God will provide restoration.

The text on focus is part of the command to love the Lord and why such is important. It explains that to love the Lord means to choose Him for an intimate relationship and obey His commands wholeheartedly, pervading every aspect of a believer’s being and life, soul and strength. Here, the parents are in the best position to teach their children to develop utmost loyalty and allegiance to God.

Instruction for Discipleship
The parents, especially fathers, are the primary spiritual mentors to their children at home.
Learning God’s word must be a priority for a Christian father to become an effective spiritual mentor.
Know that whatever your children will learn from you they will likely teach to their own children.

Insight to Live By
Learn the Word and teach it to your children because if you don’t, others will.


Interaction with His Word

Devotional Study Guide
Deuteronomy 6:6-9
1.  Through Moses’ lips, why did God instruct that His law must dwell in the hearts of His people (v.6)?
     What is the significance of the law being placed in the human heart?
2.  How must parents teach God’s law to their children (see first part of v.7)?
     What is the adjective that describes the importance of teaching God’s law to children?
3.  How often must parents teach God’s law to their children as described in verse 7?
4.  What must parents do in regard to God’s law that would enable them to teach it to their children?
     Share your opinion to the group.
5.  What peculiar instruction did Moses tell the Israelites in regard God’s law and the members of the
     physical body as described in verse 8?
6.  What instruction was given in regard to the law and one’s house according to verse 9?
7.  What conclusion can be derived from the specific instructions in regard to teaching the law to every
     member of the household? Please explain your answer.
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