August 31, 2014

One Voice of Praise

Romans 15:1-7



It is often said that God did not ‘promise us a rose garden’, but maybe he did — figuratively. As believers, everything we do for each other we do as well for the Lord. Whether we laugh or cry, in strength or weakness, victories and successes, as long as we do them in His name, He is glorified.


Into the Word

Coming from various ethnic, religious, and pseudo-religious backgrounds, it was very difficult for the Christians and the churches in Rome to be united to the level that they could advance Christianity. It was not easy for them to move past beyond traditional disdain and mistrust for one another’s backgrounds. This tendency resulted in the inability to bring glory to God. Addressing the problem, the apostle Paul delineates for them the practical steps they were to take. The Christians in Rome must heed Paul’s instruction even for their own sakes alone, so that they would grow in the faith.     


Instruction for Discipleship

To grow in the church a disciple must …

  1. Know that a strong faith is not bombast, and weak faith is not discordant.
  2. Learn to encourage and please one another without flattery.
  3. Worship in harmony, in accord with Christ, for God’s glory.


Insight to Live By

As all the members of the human body grows together in to maturity,
believers in the Body of Christ are to grow interdependently.



Interaction with the Word
Weekly Devotional Guide for Individuals and Groups

Romans 15:1-7

1. What is the responsibility of those who have strong faith to those whose faith is weak,
    according to verse 1?
2. Who are Christians to please based on verses 2-3? How do you feel about this instruction?
    Please explain your answer.
3, What is referred to by the phrase “written in the former days for our instruction” in verse 4?
    Please explain your understanding of verse 4.
4. How does verse 5 describe God and what should be the result of such description on the
    relationship among believers?
5. To be in accord with Jesus Christ, what must happen in the relationship among believers?
6. In verse 6, what metaphor or figure of speech describes the harmony among believers that brings
    glory to God?
7. What should Christians do, in general, to be in harmony and thereby give glory to God, based on verse 7?
 We would love to hear your insights, comments, or questions from today’s message.

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