October 12, 2014
God Creates and Owns Everything
Galatians 50:9-12

Here are some obvious facts: This world did not happen by chance. Certainly you and I did not make this planet. We came into this world with nothing, and when we die we take with us nothing. Everything – from the air we breathe to the very material used to make our computers – is from God’s creation.

Into the Word
The passage on focus is among the twelve Psalms ascribed to Asaph – an Old Testament character whose identity is connected among the musicians in the Temple, serving many years during the reign of King David. Psalm 50 describes a courtroom scene in which God is the judge. Everyone on the earth was summoned before His presence which is accompanied a devouring fire and a raging tempest – signifying His consuming judgment, which is a prophetic scene of the final judgment. Psalm 50 presents two charges against God’s people – an indictment against (a) formalism in worship and (b) hypocrisy. In verses 7 to 12, Asaph puts into lyrics David’s sentiments.

Instruction for Discipleship
In order to grow spiritually, a disciple must learn to …
1.  Acknowledge that God is creator and owner of everything.
2.  Overcome the false belief that he owns what he has.
3.  Trust in God’s intention to reward faithful obedience.

Insight to Live By

Over the institutions of this fallen world, you and I should trust God more to take care of what we have.
Interaction with His Word
Devotional Study Guide
Galatians 50:9-12
1.  What two phrases in verse 7 give God’s reassurances for His people despite of His impending indictment against them?
2.  What do these reassurances say about God in regard to His affection towards His people? Please explain your answer.
3.  What was the reason for God’s rebuke towards His people in regard to their worship offerings? Read verses 8 for the answer.
4.  God requires worshippers to give an offering (on top of their tithes). But why did He say he won’t accept bulls and goats, among others, as stated in verses 9-10? Please explain your answer.
5.  Who owns the world and everything in it according to verses 10-12?
6.  If God is owner of everything, how can we explain the fact that we have possessions?
7.  Because you and I acknowledge that God owns everything, what should be our conviction and attitude toward possessions? Please explain your answer.




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